The Gowanus Canal Projects

The Gowanus Canal is an endless source of fascination, inspiration, and repulsion for Husk. This storied waterway is rich in history, ecology, and toxicity. It is currently a U.S. Superfund clean-up site. Ironically The Gowanus Canal was instrumental in the creation of some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn and now runs through the same neighborhoods compromising the soil, water and health of the area. Inspired by the grass-roots clean-up efforts around the canal, spearheaded by groups like the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Husk came up with a project for the canal called Sweep.  This project was funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council and FEAST Brooklyn, culminating in an event at a local Reading Room and Gallery, Proteus Gowanus.
In addition Jeff has been instrumental in helping the GCC set up it’s composting station at the Salt Lot alongside the canal, and has become an expert on the weed identification along the banks of the canal. Christina has made a short animated film, Huck on the Gowanus, about the history and future of the canal.
Most recently Husk has replanted last year’s Sweep garden with wild grasses. Stay tuned to see how they do this summer.

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